Diabetic Alert Dogs

How Diabetic Alert Dogs Can Help You

When a family member has diabetes, it feels like you can never stop thinking about them. You are not alone. Most families worry that their diabetic will be unable to lead an independent life. A properly trained Diabetic Alert Dog allows families to relax a little more each day as it grows to know your diabetic’s signs and smells, granting greater freedom and allowing them to lead a fulfilling life.

Diabetic Alert Dog Training Services

A Response Service Dogs trains medial Alert dogs for children and adults who are insulin-dependent Type 1 Diabetics. These dogs for diabetics are trained to utilize their naturally superior sense of smell to react to drops and increases in insulin levels in real time. When a diabetic experience a high or low, the body releases chemicals that change the scent of secretions and liquids it produces. Though these are unnoticeable to the human nose, service dogs have little difficulty. What the right dog lacks is an advanced level of training. Properly trained scent dogs have been shown to have 85-90% accuracy in the environments for which they are trained. For Diabetic Alert Dogs these environments include at home, in public, and nighttime Responding. Each dog is unique and may have different strengths and weaknesses. PDT evaluates the dog to ensure it has the right temperament to be a reliable scent dog and helps the owner to grow together with the dog.