Facility & Service Dogs

Paradise Dog Training has successfully placed therapy and facility dogs in various health care facilities and educational environments. These dogs help encourage patients and students with calming demeanors, calming sick or upset patients and children, and helping with reading attentive ears. Their loveable presence can help alleviate stress, concern, and anxiety that is often instilled in the hospital and school atmospheres. Each dog is individually trained to suit each facility’s specific needs.

In addition, Paradise Dog Training regularly visits several local participating libraries for “Reading with Rover,” in which therapy dogs are available to children to encourage reading skills. Kids have the opportunity to sit with these amazing dogs and read their favorite books to attentive, fuzzy ears who listen willingly. This lovable attention reinforces confidence among youth, thus motivating them toward greater achievement.

Providence Park Hospital in Novi and Providence Hospital in Southfield consists of two facility-owned therapy dogs, Parker and Wilbur. Facility dogs are bred, raised, and selected for their superior temperaments. These dogs are highly trained and are very reliable, stable, and calm.


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