Lori Grigg

Lori is the founder and director of Paradise Dog Training. She has over 25 years of experience training assistance and hearing dogs, and over 35 years of experience as an obedience instructor. In addition to training dogs for individuals, Lori has also successfully developed programs for schools and hospitals, as well as placing several dogs in these facilities. Lori has even trained and handles her own bed bug detection dog, Ditto! In Janurary of 2011, Lori graduated as a certified Dog Trainer through the Penn Foster Career School.

Lori is available for obedience classes, private lessons, facility program design, meet & greets, and other events. You can email Lori at


Jack Grigg

Jack is co-Founder and Assistant Director of Paradise Dog Training. His responsibilities include assisting in acquiring and training assistance dogs for clients with special needs, training diabetic detection & bed bug detection dogs thru scent detection training. He also has over 20 years experience in assisting iwith teaching household obedience class in various locations throughout Livingston & Oakland County and has placed CGC & TDI titles on numerous Assistance & Therapy dogs prior to placement. Jack is also a AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.


Scott Dingwall

 “RIP 1/6/87 – 1/17/17, Still loved, Still missed”

I will have been performing dog training for three years now this April. It has been a wonderful and worthwhile adventure. I have enjoyed all of the dogs that I have worked with since I have been a part of Paradise Dog Training. The part that I enjoy the most is working with all different kinds of dogs that I have met. I’ve worked with Golden Retrievers, Portuguese Water Dogs, Basset Hounds, Schnauzers, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Newfoundlands and Labrador Retrievers.

I have also enjoyed socializing the dogs. I train the dogs for them to feel comfortable in public and to assist clients that I’m working with. When I see them go off to do their job is when I get the feeling of completion, and I say, “Hey, that’s mine!” Besides training the dogs to socialize, I also train them to do tasks such as retrieving, recalls and scent training.

I also enjoy that part of my job. Another part I enjoy about my job is going to dog Expos, attending our other dog events, and doing public speaking about what I do for Paradise Dog Training and how I became interested in being a dog trainer. I can’t see myself having any other job but this one. Working with animals is something I’ve always wanted to do. I also have many interesting hobbies: singing, acting, going to movies and having fun with friends and family.