Tri-County Times Article: Dogs Sniff Out Sneaky Bedbugs

Tyrone Twp. — Ditto the Golden Retriever, 3, watches her owner, Lori Grigg, closely. When Grigg says, “Find it,” Ditto dashes off to an armchair and sniffs between the seat cushions.

Inside the cushions is a small, glass vial containing little, reddish-brown bedbug. Ditto sits to indicate her find, wagging her feathery tail and accepting a dog treat.

Lori and her husband, Jack Grigg, of Paradise Dog Training, are teaching their Golden Retrievers to find bedbugs. The Griggs will be working with exterminators Ryan Lamb, of Howell, and Steven Simpson, of Hazel Park. Once the dogs locate the bloodsucking insects, they and their handlers leave and the exterminators do their work, Lori said.

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