Without the volunteers and friends of Paradise Dog Training, we wouldn’t be able to operate at the levels that we do! We are very grateful for the help and support that they provide.

This page is dedicated to the wonderful people who make PDT what it is! Below you will find the links to people who have been supportive of our efforts, as well as some interesting and informational links we think you should know about!

  • Cooper-the-Wonder-Dog

    Cooper the Wonder Dog

    Meet Cooper, a three year old golden retriever training to be a service dog for his parent who has multiple sclerosis.

  • Assistance-Dog-Storm

    Assistance Dog Storm

    “Storm” and his handler, Ron, increase the knowledge and visibility of Assistance Dogs here in the state of Michigan and to raise funds for the training and care of the next generation of Assistance Dogs.

  • Preparing-for-an-Autism-Service-Dog

    Preparing for an Autism Service Dog

    his is the blog of Peggy Meador, the mother of one of our young puppy raisers. She and her daughter Belle are raising the young Golden who will be Belle’s service dog.

  • Millstones-Golden-Retrievers

    Millstones Golden Retrievers

    Paradise Dog Training gets nearly all of its Golden Retrievers from Millstones Goldens either through donation or by purchasing them.

  • Dexter’s-Webpage

    Dexter’s Webpage

    This is the webpage for Dexter the Dog, facility dog of Mill Creek Middle School in Dexter, Michigan

  • Maverick’s-Webpage

    Maverick’s Webpage

    Maverick is a facility dog at Washington Elementary in Coloma, Michigan!

  • Furry-Friends-Rescue-Inc

    Furry Friends Rescue Inc

    Many of Paradise Dog Training’s bedbug sniffing dogs have come from Furry Friends Rescue. They are an all-volunteer rescue committed to saving the lives of dogs and cats in Oakland and Livingston counties. Please visit their site and consider adopting, donating, volunteering, or fostering!

  • Please-Don’t-Pet-Me

    Please Don’t Pet Me

    Please Don’t Pet Me is a group effort, established with the participation of numerous individuals including those who have a variety of disabilities and are partnered with service dogs. Our shared goal is to promote widespread understanding and respect for all service dog teams.

  • lakeside

    Lakeside Saddlery

    Lakeside Saddlery embroiders all of our patches for the vests of our assistance, facility and therapy dogs!

  • halltree

    Halltree Golden Retrievers

    Come on in and enjoy! Halltree Golden Retrievers has a long and interesting history. It started with our first Golden in 1980.